What are cookies?

Websites employ convenient and useful techniques to increase ease of use. This makes the website as interesting as possible for the visitor. Cookies are small, simple text files that are stored on a computer or mobile device when our website is used.

The use of cookies is safe. Cookies cannot be traced to personal data such as phone number or e-mail addresses.

Cookie Consent

Currently the website does not use cookies that store personal data. We only use functional cookies and (anonymous) analytical cookies to provide the best possible website. No permission is required for these types of cookies.
In order not to receive cookies at all, there is the possibility to have the use of cookies completely blocked in the settings of a browser. However, this may prevent the website from functioning properly.

We work with the following cookies

Functional cookies:
These cookies ensure that the website works properly and do not store any data that can be traced back to a person (for example, storing preference settings).

Analytical cookies:
We use analytical cookies to keep statistics on the website and do not store any data that can be traced back to a person.

Privacy statement

Our privacy statement provides more information about our handling of personal data.


When we make changes on our website that make cookies no longer applicable or when cookies are added, we will also change this in our policy.

Questions or comments

Do you have questions, comments or complaints about our cookie policy? Please feel free to contact us.