Administrative support

We make administrative tasks worry-free for our clients. We provide a broad range of administrative services to meet their needs.

Online accountancy tools

We manage most financial accounts through an online accountancy platform. In this way, you can access your accounts at any time or even access overviews for yourself. One of the packages we work with is called Exact Online.

We audit and process your accounts, as well as inputting your purchase and sales invoices, bank statements and ledgers, observing your specific needs and demands. All our services are linked up to your own in-house resources. Where possible and if required, we will use scanning and recognition software, which automates procuration, encryption, authorisation and book-keeping.

Preparing payment transactions

On request, we can also prepare your money transfers.

We will import a batch of payments into your bank package, which is the initial sign-off. The second signature, which is the actual transfer of payments, is actioned by you.

We can also submit tax returns, subject to the client’s tax obligations.


We manage the administration of all financial mutations in the equity portfolio of wealth funds and other organisations with such a portfolio.

In addition, we have the necessary expertise to take care of your organisation’s financial project management. And we ensure you are informed about the status of your projects on time, in full and in detail.

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You can access your accounts at any time

This is easily done through the online accounting package.

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We match our services to your in-house resources

Do you prefer to outsource as much as possible, or rather as little as possible? We’ll work it out together.

FAQs about administrative support

We specialise in providing financial administration for every kind of non-profit organization. This is in addition to our expertise in the area of project administration and fund management. This can be arranged either at the client’s site or at our office, according to your requirements.

Our clients include charities, charitable funds, top consortiums for Knowledge & Innovation (TKIs), cultural funds, museums, umbrella organisations and many other associations and foundations.

We generally work through online applications, allowing our clients to access information from any location. Exact, Unit4, Afas and Elvy are examples of the systems that we use.


We are committed to helping our clients in the field of business economics – from charities to charitable funds and from TKIs to foundations and associations. Our expertise and commitment allow us to help them reach their full potential.

All our employees are highly qualified business economists who hold a college or university degree. Working as a team, they are able to deliver the best possible tailor-made service to every client. They are committed to listening to our clients’ needs while still being able to add value.