An annual budget forms the financial representation of the policy to be implemented in the coming year, and is a result of an organisation’s long-term policy plan and budget.


For a non-profit organisation, a sound budget will help it to fulfil its objectives.

There are specific regulations that apply to charitable organisations with respect to budget layout and underlying fundamentals. For Top Consortiums for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) as well as other not-for-profit organisations, specific rules also apply.

To this end, our team of in-house specialists is well equipped to add value for our clients in this area too.


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The budget is a financial representation for the coming year

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Our team of specialists is well equipped to add value for our clients

FAQs about Budget

For many years, Jac’s den Boer & Vink have been working for charitable organisations. Consequently, we have extensive knowledge of and experience in dealing with the specific guidelines for these institutions, including Directive 650. Thus, we are able to assist our clients with structuring their budgets so that they are in line with their activities and comply with the directive.

Over the years, Jac’s den Boer & Vink has been working for all kinds of foundations and associations that receive subsidies from government ministries, the European Commission or other donors. This has equipped us with considerable knowledge and experience regarding the specific provisions imposed by these donors, like for instance, Horizon 2020. Hence, we are able to facilitate the set-up of both institutional and specific project budgets, so that they are properly aligned with the client’s requirements and also comply with the terms of the grant.


We are committed to helping our clients in the field of business economics – from charities to charitable funds and from TKIs to foundations and associations. Our expertise and commitment allow us to help them reach their full potential.

All our employees are highly qualified business economists who hold a college or university degree. Working as a team, they are able to deliver the best possible tailor-made service to every client. They are committed to listening to our clients’ needs while still being able to add value.