Advice is the main component of our range of services.

Through the services that we provide to you, we will gain specialised knowledge of you and your organisation.


Thanks to our expertise and a fresh pair of eyes, we will be happy to advise you in the fields of finance, personnel and organisational matters. Consider, for example, the following advice:

  • ANBI test/application for ANBI status
  • Setting up or shutting down a foundation
  • Applying for charity status
  • Remuneration advice for the management and the board
  • Energy tax reimbursement
  • IB47- form (statement of amounts paid to third parties)
  • Assessment and evaluation of financial functions
  • Facilitating financial assessments of project applications and project expenditures as well as on-site evaluations

Applying for ANBI status

For an institution to be designated as an ANBI by the tax office, it must meet a number of conditions, which you will find here.

Despite this, the Tax Office often has to reject an application or is not able to accept it, because for example, an institution’s own regulations are incorrect or the policy plan fails to meet the Tax Office’s requirements.

We would be happy to support you in the handling of your request for ANBI status. We can help you align all the relevant documents in order to meet the applicable conditions, against which the tax authorities will then assess your application. This allows for a smooth application process. We have successfully managed several clients’ applications for ANBI status in the past.

Subject specific

If you would like advice on other more specific matters, we would be happy to accommodate you. We will gladly discuss all the options with you.

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Advice to complement our services

A logical follow-up as we get to know you and your organisation well.

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Advice is also possible for a specific topic

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FAQs regarding Consultation

Our support is available to you even before a new foundation has been established. We can advise you on the appropriate governance structure, while taking into account the subsidy conditions of financiers, as well as possible requests for ANBI status and the specific guidelines required for particular types of non-profit organisations, including charitable organisations or Top Consortiums for Knowledge & Innovation (TKIs). We assist the account manager by providing input on the preferred design and operation of the organisation’s administrative structure and its internal management).

We have extensive experience in overseeing the liquidation process of foundations. We advise our clients on making the best decisions to ensure that the process runs as efficiently as possible, with due consideration towards subsidy terms and conditions as well as any other relevant provisions.

We have supported several charitable organisations through the process of achieving CBF (Central Bureau of Fundraising) accreditation. In this case too, our services will serve to complement the knowledge and expertise that our clients have in-house.


We are committed to helping our clients in the field of business economics – from charities to charitable funds and from TKIs to foundations and associations. Our expertise and commitment allow us to help them reach their full potential.

All our employees are highly qualified business economists who hold a college or university degree. Working as a team, they are able to deliver the best possible tailor-made service to every client. They are committed to listening to our clients’ needs while still being able to add value.