Dashboard and management reporting

A dashboard is a graphic representation of some of an organisation’s KPIs (key performance indicators), showing how the organisation is performing at a glance.

Dashboard and management reports

In addition to a dashboard, an interim financial report offers a more detailed overview.

The degree of detail will depend upon which target group the report is aimed at (Supervisory Board, top management, the Management Team).

Timeliness and quality

The keywords Timeliness (information is delivered at the time it is required) and quality (the information is accurate, meets your specific needs and is comprehensive) determine the respective dashboards and management reports we create for our clients, thereby enabling them to make the most appropriate decisions.

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An overview at a glance

The graphical representation ensures clarity.

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Keywords: timeliness and quality

Which is what it's all about.

FAQs about Dashboard and performance reports

A dashboard is a graphical representation of several KPIs (key performance indicators) in an organisation, which shows the overall performance of the organisation at a glance. We can support clients in the development of a tailor-made ‘dashboard’, built around interim financial reports that include more detailed information.

A good management report includes the right level of detail, is delivered on time and has comprehensive, accurate and in-depth data. We help clients to structure the processes in such a way that financial management reports effectively support decision-making on the direction of the organisation.


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